• Allen’s Home of hope, Inc. was established as a faith-based non-profit organization by Arlene Allen-Griffin who came up with the idea after working as a Classification Officer with the female population within the State prison and witnessing firsthand the little or no assistance (available) for females being released from the State Prisons and County Jail.

Who we are
The potential client maybe recommended by:

  Allen’s Home of Hope, Inc. is a non-profit faith-based organization.  Our goal is to take a collaborative approach to empowering, self-sufficient, independent women.  In attaining these goals, we will offer training in Personal Development, Vocational training, Substance Abuse counseling, Interpersonal skill building, and GED assistance.  We will also have a mentorship program to include faith-based initiatives.  Workshops and programs will be held to educate and train the women in being a positive presence in their respective communities.  Because of the goals set at this facility we are offering a length of stay between Twelve months to Eighteen months of stay, making the success rate more attainable

(1). Staff.


(2). Family member or friend


 (3) thru exposure at the surrounding facilities.


Once a potential client express interest, a selection process will take place base on their individual needs, which includes:


(1)        Substances Abuse clients that is ordered in an outside program which is ordered by the courts as a condition of their release.


(2).  Also, clients that are being released from facilities and have no place to live, and those that are homeless with no skills and/or looking for a fresh start.

(3) Being released from facilities on Probation or Parolees.

Goal and Services offered


The Hope Center has made the

difference between success and

​failure, understanding and

​confusion, hope and despair,

for our family.



- Patty Smith

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