Allen’s Home of Hope, Inc. is taking a collaborative approach to empowering, self-sufficient, independent women.  In attaining these goals, we will offer training in Personal Development, Vocational training, Substance Abuse counseling, Interpersonal skill building, and GED assistance.  We will also have a mentorship program to include faith-based initiatives.  Workshops and programs will be held to educate and train the women in being a positive presence in their respective communities.  Because of the goals set at this facility we are offering a length of stay between Twelve months to Eighteen months of stay, making the success rate more attainable.

Therapy Services​

- Child Counseling

- Family Counseling

- Coping & Adjusments

- Anger Management

- Group Therapy

​Educational Services

- Assessment & Evaluation

- Learning Difficulties

- Cognitive Testing


Vocational Education

​- Information Technology

- Plumbing

- Cake Decorating

-Culinary Arts

- Personal Trainer

- Hotel Management


- A Better You

- Life after Prison

- Job Readiness
- Entrepeneurship
- Attention & Concentration Problems
- Learning Problems

​Financial Planning

- Individual Budgeting

- Consultation
- Check and Balances​
- Saving Goals
- Provide resources for Financial Future